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The Future Of Dance Is Here

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Student study guide

The future of dance is here.

$299 per year $9.99 one time

This training resource contains all of the information, exercises, required steps, and exam information that was shared among the dvd sets and books. Each level is clearly laid out in it's entirety in one convenient location. Features include: pages dedicated to the terminology, arm positions, foot placement and the various required rhythms. As a bonus there will also be a video tutorial or video tip of the month to supply teachers with additional dance education that is not currently found within the syllabus. This convenient resource is purchased as an annual subscription, giving you access to all of the updates and revisions that take place during the year.

The Student Study Guide is an easily accessible resource that allows students to view the terminology, foot placement, arm positions and rhythms that are required in each genre and division of the syllabus. It provides full definitions of the required terms, as well as videos of the counting and clapping for the required rhythms.